Farewell to our friend, Greg Tufts

greg tuftsIt is with much shock and sadness that we pass along the news that we lost a great friend and colleague, Greg Tufts, this past weekend.
Greg worked for many years in our Advantage sales department, and also volunteered his time and efforts as a steward in our union local, representing our membership.
For those of you who were lucky enough to know Greg, you know he was a consummate professional who always had time to help and advocate for his co-workers. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family. He will be truly missed.

There is a FB page set up for friends of Greg to share information, including times and location for visitation and funeral services: Facebook Page for Greg Tufts

For those of you who would like to make a donation to Greg’s memorial fund, the link to the information is here: Greg Tufts Memorial Fund

Union Leadership Conference Calgary 2015

New Multi Logo.fwJust this past week, representatives from COPE Local 131 met with Union leadership from IBEW local 2228, and COPE locals 378 and 574 as part of our ongoing National Joint Unions Council representing YPG sales employees. The meetings were held in Calgary and graciously organized by our colleagues from IBEW who represent Yellow Pages employees in Alberta. Our thanks to them for hosting and organizing the meetings, as it can be quite challenging trying to coordinate with everyone across the country.

The council continued it’s commitment to review and discuss issues of common interest to our membership, and discussed strategies and concerns regarding upcoming collective bargaining which will involve all our our membership across the country over the next 12-18 months.

Your unions as always are committed to co-operating through the council to achieve fair and reasonable collective agreements for all our YP members.

In Solidarity,

COPE Local 131
COPE Local 378
COPE Local 574
IBEW Local 2228

Union Position on Acquisition Initiatives

Announcement-ClipartWith the recent announcement of increased acquisition targets in the premise sales channel, many of our members have asked for a clarification on the Union’s position on these initiatives. Please follow this link for more information regarding our position on acquisition duties in both the Premise and Advantage channels.

**Reminder** Voting Deadline Union Council

Union Council Voting

survey checkReminder, if you have not already done so, please show your support by casting your ballot electronically for the confirmation of your new Union Council. Voting only takes a minute and you can also leave any comments or questions for your new Union Council or Union Executive. Just follow this link: UNION COUNCIL VOTE 2015, to cast your vote.

Balloting will be closed as of Wednesday April 29th at 7pm.

Confirmation & Electronic Voting for Union Council

Election of New Union Council

Union Council IllustrationThe time has come to confirm the members of a new union council. The council is a crucial part of your union acting as a liaison with the overall membership and the union executive. They will assist with keeping the Union up to date and involved in all the day to day issues faced by our membership in all sales channels as well as assisting in planning for bargaining our next collective agreement.

The following members have volunteered their time to become part of the Union Council:

Karen Anhang, member since 2001
Sylvia Blanco, member since 1986
Natalie D’souza, member since 2013
Greg Tufts, member since 2012
Miao Yang, member since 2001

They will be joining the current union executive:

Andre Grandchamp, returning as Steward for Northern Ontario, member since 1997
Rick Miller, returning as Director of Operations, Steward and VP since 2003, and
Steve Reeves, returning as President, member of Union Executive since 1995, and President since 2003.


Simply follow this link: UNION COUNCIL 2015 Confirmation Vote and cast your confirmation/vote for the members of your council. Thank you in advance for your participation.