Farewell & Good Luck to some of our members

In the past month several of our membership have moved on from YP, starting their retirement, or simply choosing to take on new challenges and opportunities in their lives. We wanted to thank them for their years of service to the organization, their support of our Union, and wish them all the best in whatever new endeavours they find themselves.
Thank you all, you will be missed:

Roger Murphy

Sandy Watson
thankyou_arizonaKaren Zarzycki
Mark Feil
Bryan Spiegel
Chris Papas
Marina Soriano
Michelle Lecours
John Evanoff
Drew Spence
Sylvia Stiglic
Jennifer Gould
David Hamilton
Peter Morrison
Natasha Bacchus
Tamara Grierson
Sharon Kessel
Paul Van Hooydonk

Updates to Union Website

screenshot websiteHappy New Year to everyone!
You may have noticed several new tabs and sections added to the Union site. Based on requests from our membership, commission tool calculators, and a FAQ section has been added. Please send us your feedback and let us know if you would like any other material available to the membership.