Yellow Pages Lay-Offs, 500 employees affected.

As many of you are now aware, Yellow Pages has laid off approximately 500 employeesAnnouncement-Clipart Canada-wide in an effort to reduce costs in the face of declining revenues. The official press release is located here: Yellow Pages Restructuring announcement

For more information you can search any major Canadian media outlet online, they all have copies of the announcement and commentary and opinion on what it means to the company overall.

In the Ontario region we experienced the closure of all of our
Acquisition and Retention departments affecting roughly 60 people in our group.

As well, many of our colleagues and friends from management, clerical and administrative departments were affected by the restructuring.

Representatives for COPE were present at the meetings yesterday to support our members and to ensure that the provisions of the collective agreement are being upheld throughout this trying and unfortunate time. We will continue to monitor the situation and stay in touch with our members to provide any relevant updates.

For those of you affected, we wish you the best of luck in future endeavours and thank you wholeheartedly for your membership and support.

The Union Council of COPE Local 131