Confirmation & Electronic Voting for Union Council

Election of New Union Council

Union Council IllustrationThe time has come to confirm the members of a new union council. The council is a crucial part of your union acting as a liaison with the overall membership and the union executive. They will assist with keeping the Union up to date and involved in all the day to day issues faced by our membership in all sales channels as well as assisting in planning for bargaining our next collective agreement.

The following members have volunteered their time to become part of the Union Council:

Karen Anhang, member since 2001
Sylvia Blanco, member since 1986
Natalie D’souza, member since 2013
Greg Tufts, member since 2012
Miao Yang, member since 2001

They will be joining the current union executive:

Andre Grandchamp, returning as Steward for Northern Ontario, member since 1997
Rick Miller, returning as Director of Operations, Steward and VP since 2003, and
Steve Reeves, returning as President, member of Union Executive since 1995, and President since 2003.


Simply follow this link: UNION COUNCIL 2015 Confirmation Vote and cast your confirmation/vote for the members of your council. Thank you in advance for your participation.