Formation of a new Union Council

Union Council 2015

Union Council IllustrationIt is time to form a new union council, and we are looking for a few good people to help us serve our membership. Being a part of the union council means being involved and informed on the day-to-day situations and issues facing our membership. You will act as a point of contact, and help advocate on behalf of fellow members in making sure that their concerns and issues are brought forward to the Union Executive, the president and the Director of Operations. You will not be required to attend disciplinary or review meetings, nor will you be required to participate in any arbitration or bargaining, however if you are part of the council and choose to get more involved those options will certainly be open to you in the future. The council will generally meet either in person, or via conference call every 4-6 weeks to discuss ongoing and new issues relative to the membership. The council is an important element that acts as a further liaison between the executive and our fellow members. It is a  way to extend our reach, and help bring new ideas and initiatives to the table.

The only requirement is to be a member of Local 131, and to have an minimum of 2 years on the job. Ideally we will like to see members from various sales channels and locales, so any overlap of volunteers from the same areas/sales groups will be discussed with the President and Dir. of Operations and a final list of names will be presented to the membership to vote on and confirm over the next several weeks.

Now is a great time to get involved and help ensure the interests and concerns of your fellow members are well represented by all of us. Please contact either Steve Reeves, or Rick Miller to enquire about becoming a member of the Union Council.