Union Leadership Conference 2014 Montreal QC.

The following is a release to all union members of the Yellow Pages Group. On a personal note, we at COPE Local 131 want to thank our colleagues in Montreal at local 574 for hosting this years conference.

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To all members at Yellow Pages Group

Representatives from IBEW local 2228, COPE locals 131, 378 and 574 and Unifor met as the National Joint Unions Council representing YPG sales employees on December 5 and 6 in Montreal.
The council reviewed common items of interest and discussed strategies leading up to collective bargaining. Your unions are committed to co-operating through the council to achieve a fair and reasonable collective agreement for the YPG members.

At its conclusion the council set in motion the establishment of a National Issues Advisory Council, which will meet at various times and locations in 2015 to discuss common workplace issues.

In unity,

COPE Local 378
COPE Local 131
COPE Local 574
IBEW Local 2228