Membership News: Changes to Union Council

The following changes have been made in regards to the Union Council
of COPE Local 131.

good-luck-engraved-stonesFirst and foremost is the departure of our Chief Steward,
Claude Flint.
Claude began his career at YPG in June of 2008, and was elected to the Union Council in December of 2010. He has been a tireless advocate of our membership, both in day to day matters and through several challenging negotiations, most notably, the last CBA 2013-2016(Collective Bargaining Agreement) which resulted in the largest average salary gains of any CBA to date. On behalf of the membership of Local 131 we want to wish Claude all the best in his new endeavours, and thank him for his hard work and dedication to the entire membership.

Secondly, Rick Miller will be taking on the position of Director of Operations Local 131, taking over many of the day to day steward functions and Union responsibilities in general. Rick is no stranger to Local 131, having served on the Union Council since 2003 in the roles of Steward, Vice President, and most recently as Senior Advisor to the Union Council. Rick has worked on over half a dozen Collective Agreements as chief negotiator, and has represented the local for over 10 years in all legal and arbitration matters.
To contact Rick, or any other member of the Union Council, please refer to our contact page.