Bargaining Update Mar 2013

Bargaining MedOver the past several months your Union Council has been meeting with YPG management for the purposes of constructing a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). As many of you are aware we are currently working under the conditions detailed in a contract extension that was originally intended to run from Oct 20111 to Nov 2012.

Typically these type of negotiations usually take place over the period of about a month, at which time we bring the details to the general membership for their consideration. These negotiations have been anything but typical.

To begin with YPG’s debt restructuring (which cleared its last hurdle on Dec 14, 2012) interrupted and then delayed negotiations that otherwise would have been conducted in November and December of last year.
The reality that flowed from that, coupled with changes that have already occurred, and proposed changes to come, have required that a very large amount of information be processed, analyzed and discussed.
All of this takes time, a lot of it.
The tone of communication at the table has been respectful, and focused. There has been a lot of ground covered, but there is still much work to be done.

We don’t generally send out updates during the course of negotiations, because as a policy, we don’t talk about anything until we are prepared to talk about everything.
Many of you have enquired, and so this post, although lacking in detail, will hopefully let you know that your Union Council has been hard at work on your behalf, and will continue to work on your behalf until we have a complete agreement ready for your review.
Please “follow” this site for further updates, and feel free to share this post via email, twitter, or facebook with any colleagues who may have missed it.

We appreciate your patience, and support.