Bargaining Med
Current Agreement including Salary increases and ARI
remain in effect

As many of you are aware, our current collective agreement expired on Nov 30, 2012.
While we participated in active face to face bargaining with YPG in October, there has been no new talks since then. The reason for this delay centres around the pending decision in Quebec courts regarding the proposed recapitalization of YPG debt. Until this decision has been handed down the management of YPG is basically in a holding pattern regarding long term planning.
What this essentially means for our membership is this: business as usual.
While we are in current negotiations, ALL of our current CBA remains in effect, this also includes the salary and ARI increases we negotiated as part of the 14 month extension from Oct 2011 to Nov 30, 2012.
There has been some confusion prompting calls from the membership due to the fact that the provisions in the extension explicitly state that they would have expired on Nov 30.
In anticipation of that expiration, and in the context of other dealings with YPG, your Union Counil has confirmed in writing with YPG management that ALL current provisions and rates of pay will remain in effect until further notice.
As always we encourage YPG to return to formal negotiations. We believe that even before the Quebec decision is rendered we can get a good start on tackling some of the big issues that need to be discussed and we are willing and ready to get back to the table.